Defense and public safety

Private 5G for safety

The availability of highly reliable and secure communication systems is an integral part of the armed forces' mission and public safety teams engaged in critical situations, such as firefighters, ambulances, and police. Private 5G networks represent a unique opportunity to accelerate the digitalization of military and civilian uses by strengthening communication systems and developing new use cases.

The enhanced security of 5G and its improved encryption makes it possible to protect better communications and information exchanged. 5G's extremely low latency times and high throughput capabilities improve operations coordination by ensuring real-time communications while exchanging more data, including high-resolution images or videos. The IP connectivity of private 5G networks, as well as their ability to simultaneously manage a large number of connected devices, make it possible to easily connect numerous devices and pave the way for a multitude of new applications such as drone surveillance, connected health sensors, support for operations using autonomous robots.

Thus, private 5G makes it possible to deploy reliable and efficient tactical networks adapted to the needs of critical systems and constrained environments while integrating with other existing communication systems.

5g privee robots militaires

Benefits of private 5G for defense and public safety:

  • Ultra-high speed
  • Simplified communications (heterogeneity and quantity of connected objects)
  • Very low latency
  • Autonomous, reliable, and substantial information environment
  • Continuity of operations
  • Speed ​​and relevance of decision support thanks to the correct feedback of information
  • Automation of specific actions/decisions