Military organizations in the theater of external operations

Private 5G offers significant opportunities to enhance military organizations in theaters of external operations. A particularly interesting use case concerns troop coordination, intelligence collection, and secure communication in dynamic and often hostile environments.

Coordination, intelligence, communication: a triptych ensured by private 5G

In the external environment, the coordination of troops is essential for the success of military operations. Private 5G enables real-time communication between different units and forces, whether land, air, or naval. Commanders can track the position of their troops and adjust tactics accordingly. This coordination, however, requires the collection of precise and authentic information. Private 5G facilitates real-time intelligence gathering by implementing high-resolution sensors, drones, and cameras. Collected data can be quickly transferred to analysis centers, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making. Finally, to transmit critical information, private 5G networks offer high security for military communications, including voice, video, and data. Messages are encrypted, which protects sensitive information from interception and cyberattacks.

Telemedicine, robot deployment, and logistics management

In the event of injuries in the field, private 5G allows the establishment of high-speed connections for telemedicine. Doctors can view medical images in real time and provide instructions to first responders, which can save lives in critical situations. Private 5G networks also enable the deployment of ground robots and aerial drones for reconnaissance, mine detection, transport of supplies, or even targeted strike missions. Finally, private 5G improves logistics management by facilitating real-time supplies and military equipment tracking. It ensures that troops have the necessary resources to carry out their missions.

Virtual training

Private 5G enables virtual training of soldiers, creating realistic simulation environments. This allows military forces to train in conditions close to reality while reducing costs and risks.

In summary, private 5G is critical in enhancing military operations in theaters of external operations, providing high-speed connectivity, secure communication, real-time data collection, and advanced coordination capabilities. It strengthens the efficiency, responsiveness, and security of armed forces operating abroad, thus contributing to the success of their missions.

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