Media and event coverage

Private 5G for media industries

Media industries are increasingly facing stringent requirements in terms of image quality and latency during the production and distribution of live event content. This challenge has turned their attention to the potential of private 5G.

By reducing dependence on traditional infrastructure while offering undeniable benefits, private 5G introduces new prospects that will revolutionize practices for production, contribution, and multimedia content distribution. It allows the on-demand deployment of a secure and high-performing network at a lower cost, enhances content production by diversifying and simplifying the integration of acquisition sources, ensures uninterrupted high-resolution video streaming, and improves user experience by offering ultra-high-definition content. These are just a few examples of private 5G applications in the media industry.


Benefits of private 5G for media industries:

  • Ad-hoc deployment
  • Reliable and secure connectivity
  • Controlled production and distribution costs
  • Enhanced quality of service
  • High-quality video