Private 5G for robot reliability in all circumstances

Private 5G: reliable connectivity that avoids network congestion

Private 5G connectivity delivers industry-leading performance, including low latency and high data transmission capacity. This technology ensures that robots and other monitoring and data collection devices have a stable and fast connection.

During large-scale events, such as protests, natural disasters, or crises, multiple sources, like surveillance cameras, sensors, drones, and IoT devices, generate much data. This mass of data can lead to network congestion, making connectivity management critical.

Maintaining performance thanks to flow prioritization

Private 5G can process robot control data with high priority. It means that the robot control commands benefit from reserved bandwidth and minimal latency even in network congestion due to large data.

Prioritization ensures that pilot commands are transmitted reliably and consistently, allowing operators to control the robots fully. Whether monitoring, detecting threats, or providing critical information, bot performance remains consistent, even in environments where data congestion is generally an issue.

Private 5G connectivity ensures the reliability and consistency of data flows essential to controlling robots, even in congestion situations due to a large amount of data. Prioritizing pilot controls ensures that homeland security operations, such as protest surveillance or crisis management, can run smoothly and efficiently, enhancing the ability to maintain security and control in dynamic and demanding environments. 

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Private 5G software solution