Private 5G for internal defense: managing security operations in urban environments

Private 5G offers countless opportunities to improve the management of internal security operations, especially in urban environments. This use case concerns the management of large-scale events: demonstrations, public gatherings, natural disasters, or crises.

Real time monitoring and secure communication

Private 5G enables the deployment of high-resolution surveillance cameras in sensitive areas. Quickly set up, these cameras can monitor protests or potentially confrontational events. Real time video streams feed into a command center, allowing authorities to monitor the situation effectively.

Security forces can also use communication devices integrating private 5G for secure and encrypted information exchanges, thanks to a high level of security for critical networks. It ensures that sensitive information is not compromised, even if there are hackers or interception attempts.

Private 5G, the privileged channel for advanced data

Data collected by surveillance cameras and other sensors can be processed in real time using private 5G networks. Image analysis algorithms can detect suspicious behaviors, moving crowds, or even suspicious vehicles, improving the ability to anticipate and respond to potential threats.

Coordination of operations and deployment of drones and robots

Deploying a private 5G bubble allows real time coordination between different security units, whether police, fire, emergency medical services, or other agencies. Critical information can be shared instantly, promoting a rapid and coordinated response. Private 5G networks enable the efficient deployment of drones and robots for aerial or ground surveillance. These devices are helpful for reconnaissance, data collection, detection of potential threats, or even delivering medical supplies in a crisis.

In summary, private 5G is crucial in the management of internal security operations, particularly in urban environments where rapid coordination, effective monitoring, and secure communication are essential. It allows authorities to respond more effectively to potential threats, improve citizen security, and optimize the management of complex events.

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