Increased efficiency and optimized monitoring

With an increasing workload in an often stressful environment, hospitals and retirement homes must increase operational efficiency while ensuring optimal patient monitoring and improving the quality of care or medical operations. Recent cyberattacks on several medical establishments also highlight the need for a high level of cybersecurity.

Many healthcare establishments have already identified or studied several solutions to reduce their staff's workload and stress level. These solutions include using autonomous mobile robots for logistics, tracking assets, or collecting patient vital signs. In addition, new technologies such as augmented reality are being tested for remote assistance during operations or for better training.

These solutions have a common requirement: very wide bandwidth and reliable, high-speed mobile connectivity. And this is what private 5G can offer! Private 5G can thus serve as a universal technology to support existing collaboration, messaging and alerting solutions, and voice calls. It will therefore simplify the IT infrastructure as a whole.


The benefits of using private 5G in the healthcare sector:

  • Low latency ensures remote assistance in real time of medical robots.
  • Ultra-high-speed connectivity is essential for advanced medical solutions.
  • Secure and instantaneous transmission of high-quality medical images.