Private 5G, essential for industry 4.0

Private 5G networks enable new industry-specific solutions to improve industrial processes and quality. It meets the expectations of this crucial sector by providing ultra reliable wireless connections on reserved frequency bands, with a level of cybersecurity never before achieved. 5G versatility allows a convergence of several use cases, previously provided by separate networks, on a single infrastructure. Today, it is possible to deploy a single network supporting a low-speed voice or data stream, but this requires a significant level of performance, with a high-definition camera video stream consuming a lot of network capacity. This allows monitoring the manufacturing process at strategic locations. Another new use is supporting high-definition perimeter surveillance cameras, providing all the essential physical security for property and people. Technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and even digital twins can thus express their full potential, thanks to the high throughput and reduced latency times of industrial private 5G.


The benefits of private 5G for the industry of the future:

  • More throughput
  • Reduced latency
  • A very high level of security
  • More simplicity
  • A possibility of extended coverage