Dome – Antifragile private 5G software solution

Our private 5G solution Dome provides private and governmental organizations with an ultra-reliable, high-bandwidth, mobile and secure connectivity for multimedia communications, voice and data services. 
Optimized solution for business, industrial and security applications, this private 5G software solution is compliant with the 3GPP standards, sovereign and easy-to-manage.

Consisting of a control plane and a user plane, the 5G bubble can be deployed in a co-located mode, or distributed mode, for example with the control plane on a data center and the user plane on edge servers.

  • Dome Core
  • Dome Intelligent Security
5g privee dome
Dome Core
  • Standalone (SA) private 5G network core solution, compliant with the 3GPP standard
  • Cloud-native highly resilient software architecture
  • Easy installation on various hardware, on cloud data centers, on small transportable platforms, on edge servers
  • Sovereign private 5G solution 
  • Secure development processes
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private 5g dome
Dome Intelligent Security
  • Reinforcement of the security of the private 5G network against cyberattacks
  • Continuous threat detection, analysis and automated mitigation of cyberattacks 
  • Detection of common and known attacks using signature-based methods
  • Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Integration in Security Operation Centers over data bus
  • Detection of Distributed Denial of Services (DDos) attacks on the radio networks
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  • Creation of highly secure, reliable, low-latency and high-bandwidth mobile communication links
  • Deployment of mobile multimedia communication and collaboration services
  • Easy integration in enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Delivery of innovative services, for example using Automated Guided Vehicles, immersive technologies (AR/VR)
  • Fast set-up of future-proof 5G networks in industrial environments, outdoor and indoor
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Universal connectivity

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Security & sovereignty

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Plurality of applications

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Simplicity & reliability

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The private 5G software solution Dome is a secure, high-bandwidth, mobile connectivity solution designed for private and governmental organizations. We designed Dome for a wide range of applications and verticals, including business, industrial, manufacturing, and security sectors.

We engineered our private 5G software solution Dome to meet the specific needs of private and governmental organizations, providing ultra-reliable and secure connectivity. Unlike traditional public 5G networks, it offers a closed, secure and controlled environment.

Absolutely, Dome is fully compliant with the 3GPP standards, ensuring that it meets the highest industry benchmarks for performance and reliability, as well as interoperability with various vendors of radio network elements.

Sovereign means that you have complete control of your network. Your data and communications are secure and managed under your authority, eliminating external influence. Sovereign also means that all the software components of our solution are inspected and validated against cyber-security threats, in a continuous development, test and validation process.  

Dome consists of control and user planes, allowing flexible deployment options. You can manage the solution  in either a co-located mode or a distributed mode, depending on your specific requirements. For instance, you can place the control plane in a centralized data center while situating the user plane on edge servers.

We sometimes say that using Dome is as easy as wifi but better in every way! 

  • Ultra-reliable, high-bandwidth, and secure connectivity.
  • Tailored solution for business, industrial, and defense & security applications.
  • Compliance with industry standards for performance.
  • Sovereign control and data security.
  • Flexible deployment options for easy management.

Dome is designed to be scalable and can accommodate both small and large deployments, making it an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes.

To get started, please contact our sales team by using the “Contact an expert” or “Request a demo” buttons. We will guide you through the process, assess your specific needs, and help you with the deployment and management of Dome.

Our solution is designed to be flexible and can integrate with existing infrastructure, depending on your organization's requirements. We can work with you to ensure a seamless integration process.

We offer a range of Build & Run support and maintenance options to ensure that your Dome solution operates smoothly. We also provide product installation and configuration training, as well as 5G technology training. Our support team can provide you with more details on the available support packages and maintenance plans.