MWC 2024: Discover Dome by Obvios, Antifragile private 5G

For the first time on the international stage, and on the occasion of MWC 2024, from February 26 to 29, Obvios will be pleased to welcome you to their booth to present the latest features of Dome, the antifragile private 5G solution.
Easy to deploy and integrate, to update, and ultra-secure, Dome is not short of advantages! Schedule an appointment now with our experts to explore its various applications and discuss your needs.
Dome Private 5G MWC 2024

Private 5G designed for integrators 

The new version of Dome, easy to integrate and manage, adapts to any hardware while adhering to cloud-native principles. This evolution makes deployment accessible even for non-experts.

A private 5G solution adaptable to numerous application fields

Below are some examples of verticals already addressed by our private 5G network solution. 

• Industry 4.0: flexibility and efficiency 

In the field of Industry 4.0, Dome provides 5G connectivity that enhances productivity and safety in factories. 
Thanks to our solution, our partnerAcome benefits from optimized management of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), production quality control, and efficient predictive maintenance
Dome also ensures real-time remote assistance to operators in maintenance situations through the use of connected glasses.

« Acome has developed its industrial private 5G project by focusing on strategic elements for its critical components (network cores, antennas, transmission equipment, etc.). That's why, for the network core, it was obvious to work with Obvios and benefit from its Dome offering. What's more, our geographical proximity to Acome's industrial site greatly facilitated exchanges at every stage of the project, from design to deployment. » Antoine Brossault Acome's LAB5G strategic project manager

« As private 5G represents a real accelerator of competitiveness for our French economy, integrating the Obvios core network into our networks of excellence is a new promise of sovereignty in favor of the industry of the future and all its innovative uses. »  Anaïs Verderi, commercial Director of Alsatis   

Read the full article here

• Health: connectivity at the service of reactivity and precision

Dome enables the real-time transmission of images from ultrasound devices and radiology equipment to augmented reality applications and their display on AMA connected glasses, as well as remote consultations between doctors. 
In the operating rooms of the future, Dome facilitates continuous patient monitoring and improves the control of surgical robots through reliable 5G connectivity. 

As part of the European 5G Tours project, Obvios supplied key components of the 5G network for wireless communication in a future surgical operating room.

More recently, Obvios continued its collaboration with the Rennes University Hospital (CHU de Rennes), enabling the transformation of a "traditional" care room into a multi-bed intensive care unit by deploying a private 5G connectivity bubble. More info here.

Finally, Obvios is also involved in the Franco-German 5G-OR project, which aims to create an ecosystem of private 5G network applications for hospitals, focusing on the operating room environment. As part of this project, Obvios provides and operates the 5G infrastructure in four facilities (Strasbourg, Mannheim, Berlin, and Reutlingen). Read the press release here.

• Media & events: an innovative solution for the broadcasting sector 

In the event and broadcasting sector, Dome enables the creation of connectivity bubbles for efficient and smooth broadcasting during events where connections are saturated. 
The collaboration with Hellfest perfectly illustrates this use: the deployment of a private 5G bubble dedicated to the live streaming of artist interviews on a streaming channel to offer an immersive experience while freeing itself from the public 5G network that was handling thousands of festival-goers’ connections. This was done in partnership with Haivision and Orange.  Read the full article here.

Its advantages, which include superior video quality, rapid deployment, enhanced security, and optimized cost, make it a key solution for media professionals.

Civil security: efficiency and reactivity 

In the field of civil security, Dome focuses on ad-hoc coverage and allows for rapid deployment in case of disasters and optimized operational efficiency
Massive data transfers through sensors and the use of unmanned vehicles enhance the safety of first responders and group communication.

Come discover how Dome is redefining connectivity in these key sectors at MWC 2024. 
Our experts are waiting for you at booth CS166 to evaluate with you how Dome can meet your needs.

Obvios team