Private 5G at Hellfest!

In partnership with Obvios and Orange Grand Ouest, Hellfest Production, organizer of the Hellfest Festival in Clisson, is innovating with a private 5G connectivity bubble. This will be dedicated to broadcasting live artist interviews on its video streaming channel. This technology promises an immersive experience for fans of extreme music.

Private 5G for broadcast and streaming

Thanks to the private 5G Dome solution deployed by Obvios for the occasion, production company NewVoice Talent Services will stream live artist interviews from the VIP area. These interviews will be broadcast live on the Festival's Twitch channel.

To achieve this technological first at a French festival, the NewVoice Talent Services teams will be relying on Dome, Obvios's private 5G connectivity bubble. Antifragile, secure, interoperable and easy to configure, Dome was installed the day before the event by teams from Obvios, so that it could be operational from the start of the concerts.

hellfest bulle 5g

Freedom from the mass-market 5G network

The technical challenge is to guarantee robust, high-performance bandwidth for live streaming, while freeing ourselves from the mass-market 5G network provided in parallel by Orange, which supports the thousands of festival-goers' connections.

With the deployment of this private 5G bubble for broadcast on the open-air festival site, the video production team has a resilient, autonomous network, offering optimal broadcast live quality.