Obvios, supplier of Acome's private 5G core network

The Dome private 5G network core developed by Obvios has been chosen by industrial company Acome, a specialist in the production of high-tech cables, to equip its Romagny site in Normandy. Presented with Alsatis on September 21st at the inauguration of Acome's 5G Lab, our Dome solution has made it easy to deploy innovative, secure, and low-carbon 5G connectivity on this major industrial site.

This is the first time in France that an industrial medium-sized company has deployed this type of industrial private 5G network. Our sovereign solution forms the basis for the new industrial applications that Acome wants to implement at Romagny with the support of network operator Alsatis, and offers a concrete answer to the performance, throughput, and low latency challenges of this multi-plant site of 42 hectares.



Acome has developed its industrial private 5G project by focusing on strategic elements for its critical components (network cores, antennas, transmission equipment, etc.). That's why, for the network core, it was obvious to work with Obvios and benefit from its Dome offering. What's more, our geographical proximity to Acome's industrial site greatly facilitated exchanges at every stage of the project, from design to deployment.

Antoine Brossault Acome's LAB5G strategic project manager

With Dome, Obvios is offering Acome all the advantages of a private, secure, and anti-fragile 5G solution. A veritable toolbox, this technology makes it easy to create a highly flexible network tailored to the uses and constraints of an industrial siteenhanced security, optimized performance or even the implementation of autonomous logistics.

Nicolas Dallery Marketing and Sales Director, Obvios

The possibilities available to Acome thanks to Dome:

  • the use of connected glasses to facilitate maintenance operations
  • the installation of drones with video to monitor infrastructures and carry out inventories by taking photographs as well as perimeter checks
  • autonomous logistics through the automation and improvement of industrial flows to reduce drudgery
  • machine connectivity, namely workshop control, supervision, reliable and flexible production data feedback
  • industrial vision thanks to colorimetric control of cable elements
  • machine connectivity through reliable and flexible connection data feedback