White paper: SMEs and SMBs, get on board for industrial 5G

livre blanc 5g industrie
A white paper and a guide on industrial 5G were published in March 2023, the result of the work of the Digital Infrastructure and Future Industry Solutions Strategic Committees, respectively. The first focuses on the opportunities brought by private 5G networks to SMEs and ETIs; the second outlines the steps to deploy an industrial 5G network. Overview.

Private 5G: what are the benefits for the industry?

From its conception, private 5G met the needs of the industry. Its advantages meet the specific needs of the sector: reliability of the connection, reduced latency, high speed, large number of connected objects, or interoperability with existing WiFi networks. This technology can rely on dedicated network resources or hybridize with the public network. Private 5G is now accessible to all manufacturers, including SMEs and ETIs, thanks in particular to the lowering of the price of 5G frequencies, which have become more affordable.  

5G industrial opportunities for SMEs and ETIs

The Solutions Industries of the Future Strategic Committee mobilizes players in intelligent industrial machines and solutions. Their activities aim to produce an offer oriented toward the future industry. The goal is to boost the competitiveness of the French industry.
The white paper written by this CSF encourages industrial SMEs and ETIs to deploy private 5G networks. It details the benefits of this technology through the experiences and expertise of several industrial players in this technology.

Industrial 5G: everything you need to know to get started

Since 2018, the Strategic Committee of the Digital Infrastructure Industry has brought together four associations of telecom equipment suppliers: InfraNumSYCABELthe French Telecom Federation, and AFNUM. The industry relies on the expertise of several competitiveness clusters and research centers. Its objectives are adapted to the French Recovery Plan to meet ecological, competitive, social, and sovereignty issues.

This CSF has produced a guide to help manufacturers transition to private 5G. This document enables them to determine which private 5G network offer best suits them, considering the context in which they operate. Use cases and testimonials enrich this guide and provide an overview of the solutions available today.