Private 5G networks are pivotal in the industry's digital transformation. Understanding the urgent need to master this emerging technology, Obvios presents comprehensive training programs tailored not just for future users but also for integrators, terminal vendors, local authorities, and other organizations. We've crafted our courses to meet the needs of a diverse group, from technicians, operators, or technical specialists and managers to directors and sales leaders, all delivered by acknowledged industry experts.

  • 5G Networks (3 days)
  • Introduction to private 5G
5G Networks (3 days)
  • Content : expert-level training on the network coe technology and radio (5G-NR) designed for telecom architects and engineers. 
  • Trainers: Highly skilled professionals with real-world experience in implementing network technologies.
  • Customizable Training depending on your needs and expectations. 
  • Theoretical and operational training.
  • Demonstration of the use of a private 5G network.
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Introduction to private 5G
  • Training designed for innovation leaders, IT directors, telecom managers, and sales engineers.
  • Expert trainers: deeply engaged with the private 5G marketplace. 
  • Content covering every technology aspect: regulatory considerations, technology insights, practical use cases, deployment strategies. 
  • Customizable training depending on your needs and expectations.
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  • Short but comprehensive trainings.
  • Knowledge of 5G, of the technology and/or its commercial and regulatory landscape.¬†
  • Time saving for your teams to upskill quickly on private 5G networks, with respect to an academic training.
  • Feedback on the actual deployment capabilities of the technology.¬†
  • First contact with potential partners during the trainings.

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