An independent 5G bubble to optimize event broadcasting

Music festivals are cultural events that can be destined to be broadcast live on streaming platforms. To provide quality content to users, production companies need to break free from public networks, often saturated at these gatherings, while maintaining great freedom to offer the most immersive experience possible.

Deploying a private 5G network to break free from public networks

Music festivals are events that gather a significant number of people. A large physical audience implies a public network often congested and saturated, with several thousand connections to support simultaneously.

Today, as these events add a digital dimension to their experience, especially through live broadcasts, more viewers are also following these major events online through live streaming platforms (such as Twitch or YouTube).

To ensure a solid, reliable, and continuous live broadcast service on the web, it is necessary to break free from public networks. Deploying a private 5G connectivity bubble responds to these challenges.

Reliability assured over wide geographical areas

Music festivals, especially outdoor ones, are events held over large spaces. A private 5G network allows producers to ensure a nomadic live experience throughout the entire site, covering both the production control room and the roaming team equipped with cameras or smartphones with dedicated applications. This gives almost complete freedom to the teams, who can move around the festival while having robust, high-performance, and continuous bandwidth.

Furthermore, many festivals last several days. Deploying a 5G connectivity bubble on these sites provides an operational network throughout the event duration. Thanks to the ease of deployment and configuration of Dome, the private 5G network can be installed shortly before the event starts to be operational from the beginning of the concerts.

We deployed Dome at an event gathering several tens of thousands of people. We enabled a production company to ensure a live broadcast on Twitch, guaranteeing the connection of a mobile duplex on the festival site. Nearly one million views were totaled over 4 days on the platform.

Valérie Le Ny Presales Manager at Obvios

Private 5G is the suitable response to ensure optimal connectivity, free from public networks, allowing live broadcasting of large cultural events. Easy and quick to deploy, it provides a secure and reliable network covering large areas, enabling the connection of the shooting teams' portable cameras and the control room. These advantages offer quality broadcasting, giving users an optimal immersive experience.

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